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chocochipbiscuit: (cookie, default)

One (1) biscuit full of yummy choco

A bifurious multifandom shipper.

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Created on 2015-02-17 07:24:58 (#2378339), last updated 2019-04-25 (16 hours ago)

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Hi, hello, this is Choco and I am a multifandom mess. My pronouns are she/her and they/them.

SUBSCRIPTION POLICY: Please be aware that I am an adult over 30 and my content reflects that. I strongly believe in curating my own fandom experience (“don’t like, don’t read”) and that it is possible to critique trends and biases in media (and fandom) without attacking individual taste.

If you would like to subscribe and we haven’t interacted before, I would prefer if you say hello and introduce yourself! All of my posts are fair game to comment and interact, but this intro post might be a good place to get started. :)

CONTENT POLICY: Most of this journal is SFW, but I am an adult that likes to read, write, and post links to NSFW content as well. If a post is marked sensitive, please exercise your own discretion in deciding whether to click through. If a post is marked 18+, it should not be viewed by minors. I will try to provide reasonable content warnings, but cannot promise that I will be able to warn for all possible squicks or triggers.

Linking back to public posts is fine and great; quoting is fine as long as you credit and link back, but please don't copy and paste entire posts, even with credit. You don't have to comment if you link, but I'd love it if you did because I’d love to follow whatever discussions are happening. :)

ACCESS POLICY: Most content here is public, fandom and fandom-adjacent stuff. I only grant access to people I know and am actively friendly with. And it probably goes without saying, but please don't share or repost anything you read in a locked post.

COMMENT POLICY: Comment away! Feel free to comment without subscribing. Feel free to comment even if the post is old! Respond to other commenters, digress, whatever! Just don’t be a dick. Disagreement doesn’t automatically count as dickery; as long as you keep it civil, we’re good.

(credit to [personal profile] anneapocalypse, after whom I modeled my own policy warnings)
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